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Android Q Beta for Nokia 8 Sirocco and 8.1 : Release and Features

Android Q Beta for Nokia 8 Sirocco and 8.1 : Release and Features

Nokia 8 Sirocco is the last year flagship from HMD Global and received the Android 9 Pie update a long time ago. Nokia 8.1 is a mid-range device powered by Snapdragon 710 chipset and runs Android 9 Pie out of the box. The next big update for these flagships is Android Q. As both devices are Android One, updates are delivered quickly to these devices. Previously, Nokia participated in the Pie Beta program and now also participating in the Android Q Beta program and rolledout the Beta for Nokia 8.1.

When will Android Q Beta come ?

Google unveiled the first Android Q Beta on March 13th and rolledout to the registered Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 users. The second Beta arrived in April and the third one with many chnages is announced at Google I/O 2019 in May. HMD Global rolledout the Beta for the registered Nokia 8.1 devices in May. The fourth and fifth Betas hit the Pixel series devices and Essential Phone in June and July respectively. The Sixth is due to come in late-July and the final edition of Android Q will come in early or mid-August.

What’s new in Android Q Beta ?

The search giant focused more on privacy features and app permissions in Android Q Beta. The Beta contains refined Battery saver with integrated System-wide Dark mode. Desktop mode is experimental in the First beta but might become full-fledged in the final version. In previous Android versions, when user gives permission to access Location data to an app, the app can collect the data at any time and send it to its server. Thanks to optimizations, in Android Q, user can restrict when the app share location data to its server. In Android Q, many refinements have been made to Bluetooth section, so we can view the options of each connected device and previously connected devices under a sub-menu. Other UI refinements include new Lockscreen, Quick settings and many more.
Custom schedules of DND is one of the big improvements in the first Beta. So users can customize the Do not disturb feature to suit their needs in Android Q.

System wide Dark Theme

It is very clear that Google has been developing a full system wide dark theme since the beginning of development of Android Pie. But in Android 9 only some elements like Settings, Quick settings got dark theme. But in Android 10 Q, the first and second betas has come with experimental dark mode and the third beta arrived full functional dark theme. So users and beta testers can enable it from Settings menu or Quick Settings toggles. Enabling Battery saver turns on the dark theme automatically in Android Q. The dark theme not only helps to save battery but also reduces strain on eyes. Inside apps too, Android Q enable the dark theme itself without the need to turn on manually. In coming betas and final release, Google may refine the dark theme.

Native Support for Desktop Mode

Early rumours about Desktop mode in Android Q have become true when the mode appears in Developer options in the third beta. Using the desktop mode, Nokia 8.1 users can connect their smartphone to bigger display to work comfortably in multiple windows. Till now, only some custom roms and Samsung Dex have Desktop mode support. Now the native Android desktop mode is coming with Android Q. So the developers can make Android Desktop launchers similar to Windows themes to provide better desktop experience. However, as the Mode is still under development, we think there are some minor bugs. But in upcoming betas and final version of Android 10 the bugs might be fixed.

Project Mainline

The Search Giant revealed many details about Project Mainline at the I/O 2019 in May. According to Google, android developers can update the critical modules of Android straight from Google Play without the rollout of full software update from OEM. So these updates will be downloaded and installed in background and applied at reboot. The Search Giant told that Project Treble will come to all devices running on Android Q, no matter the manufacture is. However, full details about Project Treble will be revealed in coming days. Update on 15/7/2020 :
Android Q Beta 5 Notifications on Lockscreen
The Search Giant begins the rollout of Android Q Beta 5 for Pixel devices on 11th, July. However, the update has been pulled very soon due to some bugs in installing the update. However, on 12th July, Google again starts the rollout of Android Q Beta 5 OTA for Pixel series devices. On 14th July, Essential Phone also received the update. The key features of the update include new Gestures, July month’s Security patch, improvements to dark theme, Lock screen notifications customization and so on. Snoozing of notifications which was gone in earlier beta came back in this beta. Users can enable snoozing by going into Settings menu and Apps&Notifications sections. The Beta is near to final system behaviours and the last and sixth Beta with final system behaviours is due to come in late-July.  Update on 22/6/2020 : On June 6th, the Search Giant pushed out the fourth Beta of the tenth anniversary edition of Android with finalized APIs and SDK. So developers can build their apps targeting API level 29 of Android Q using the new SDK. The initial rollout of Beta 4 for Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 devices began on June 6th, but stopped later because of Pixel boot loop issues. So Google fixed the issues afterwards and re-started the rollout on June 12th.
Android Q system suggested replies
The update is a minor one in the development of Android Q and includes some bug fixes and improvements to dark mode elements. Some security bugs also have been fixed in this update. The final and fifth preview with final system behaviours is due to release in the next month. Update on 12/5/2020 : Google released the third beta of Android Q with many remarkable improvements over second Beta, at I/O 2019 on May 7th. The third Beta is rolling out for the Pixel series users who have installed the first and second betas. This time the search giant releases the preview for more devices other than Pixel devices. In Nokia devices, the preview is available only for the Nokia 8.1 flagship. So interested Nokia 8.1 users can register for Andoid Q preview and install it.
The Android Q third beta comes with native support for 5G networks and more improved privacy options. The latest beta also supports TLS 1.3 protocol, which has got many performance and security improvements. The system-wide dark theme can be enabled in Beta 3 by going into Settings>Display. The Dark theme also enable dark themes in apps automatically, so that users don’t have to manually enable them. In coming days more features in the Beta 3 will be revealed, since we are still digging inside it. Update on 4/4/2021 : The second Beta of Android Q just came out with build number QPP2.190228.021 and also contains April month’s security patch. According to Google’s release notes, the update mainly contains various bugfixes and new features like Bubbles to improve multitasking. The rollout of OTA for Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL has already begun.
Android Q Beta 2 Bubbles
The Bubbles feature is a new way to chat and multitask with multiple apps. The feature works with all chat apps like Messages, Whatsapp etc. In Android Q Beta 2 users will see chat heads which float over other apps. So users can access multiple chats across various apps and simultaneously use other apps in the remaining screen real estate. Privacy and security of chat heads have improved over previous android versions. More features of Android Q Beta 2 will be revealed in coming days. We will update this article soon with more details about Android Q Beta for Nokia 8 series devices. So please bookmark this page and keep visiting.