Android 10 Q

Android Q Features, Name, Release and News

Android Q Features, Name, Release and News

Google released the Ninth major iteration of Android under the codename of Pie about Ten weeks ago and recently starts work on the next version of Android. The Search giant will release the Android 10 Q update in 2019, unless there is a great change in schedule.

The tenth iteration of the most popular Mobile OS in the World is going to bring some remarkable new features and AI associated refinements, according to tech analysts. With the Android 9 Pie update, Google brought many new features to improve user experience a lot.

Android Q : Name

Google has a history of naming Android versions with famous desserts, Candy and treats. However, the Search giant has a narrow choice of dessert names starting with Q.

Possible names of the next Android Version are :

  1. Android 10 Quinoa
  2. Android 10 Quail
  3. Android 10 Quesadilla
  4. Android 10 Quiche
  5. Android 10 Quindim
  6. Android 10 Quirks
  7. Android 10 Qottab
  8. Android 10 Queen of Puddings
  9. Android 10 Quik
  10. Android 10 Quaker Oats
  11. Android 10 Quesito
  12. Android 10 Quince

Android Q Release

The Android Q update is currently in development stage, according to the commits made by the developer team in Github. If nothing’s unusual, the Search Giant will release the Android Q first developer preview in the first or second week of March 2019. The first Beta of Android Q will arrive at Google I/O 2019 in May 2019. The official release of Android Q may take place in August or September 2019. The roadmap of Android Q development and release will be announced officially in coming days.

What’s new in Android Q ?

The Search Giant released the ninth major iteration of Android with many interesting features and new Gesture based interface which totally revamps user experience. However, We still expect that Google saved some of the major changes and new features for the tenth anniversary edition of Android. Recent evidence suggests that the API level of Android Q will be 29.

According to latest leaks, the next Android update notify users if the apps installed are designed for earlier android versions like before Marshmallow. So it seems that Google will force developers to design their apps targeting latest Android versions. So some old apps in Playstore may get changed totally.

Google may continue to implement AI associated refinements to Android with the Q update. Major refinements expected are improved Smart text selection, Autofill APIs and App actions. Digital Well being is still in beta stage and is going to live soon, according to Google. Currently three features called Dashboard, Winddown and App timer included under Digital wellbeing and we can expect addition of one or more features with the Android 10 update.

We may see some refinements to Adaptive Battery, Gesture based interface and Picture in Picture mode features in the Android 10 update. Perhaps Privacy control and Security features will also be strengthened. Google may find some sort of solution for the Android Fragmentation problem and implement it in Android Q.

Enhanced Split Screen

Google refined Picture in Picture and Split screen features in Android Pie and added Gesture support for Split Screen. In Android Q, Google is going to implement multi-resume for split screen, in proportion to some leaks. So users can use two apps side by side concurrently in Android 10.
The Search Giant introduced the Split screen feature nearly two years back with Android Nougat to make easy multi-tasking. In later updates, speed has been improved and some bugs have been fixed, but only one window works and the other one pauses. Fortunately, that limitation may not there in Android Q because of the multi-resume function. Both windows in Split screen will work without pause, so users will get a multitasking experience. Full details about the improved Multi window feature in Android Q will be revealed after Google released the First Developer Preview.

Which phones are getting Android Q ?

Google Pixel

  1. Pixel 3
  2. Pixel 3 XL
  3. Pixel 2
  4. Pixel 2 XL
  5. Original Pixel and Pixel XL (Confirmed).


  1. Galaxy S9
  2. Galaxy S9+
  3. Galaxy Note 9
  4. Galaxy Note 8
  5. Galaxy S10.


  1. LG V40 ThinQ
  2. LG V35 ThinQ
  3. LG G7+
  4. LG G8+


  1. Xperia XZ3
  2. Xperia XZ3 Compact
  3. Xperia XZ2
  4. Xperia XZ2 Compact
  5. Xperia 1 and Xperia 10


  1. Moto Z3 Play
  2. Moto Z3 Force
  3. Moto G7 series


Essential Phone (PH-1) (Confirmed)

The timeline of Android Q rollout for the above devices will be revealed in coming months.

Update on 5/7/2020 :

Credit : 9to5Google

It seems that the fifth Beta is leaked early before its official rollout. A Pixel 3 user in Reddit claimed to have received the Android Q Beta 5 update recently and now 9to5Google confirmed that the rollout is legit. The screenshots leaked through 9to5Google reveals that a Back button sensitivity setting is coming to Android with Beta 5. The Pixel 3XL device in screenshots shows that the version number is QP1A.190626.001 which is different from the earlier version number begining with QPP. The device has received even August’s Security patch, according to the screenshot. So it seems the build is a very internal one and leaked accidentally.

The system navigation page in the build shows a Gear icon besides the Gesture Navigation options which seems to be renamed from Fully Gestural Navigation in the earlier beta. Tapping on the Beta shows Back sensitivity slider ranging from low to High and also shows warning that High Back sensitivity will conflict with the Gestures along the edge of the screen. According to the user received the update, Gesture navigation is working much smooth in this update. More details about the feature will be revealed once Google finalized the update and starts rolling out.

Update on 4/4/2021 :

A few hours ago, the Search giant released the second Beta of Android Q and Pixel series devices begins receiving the OTA. The build number of this update is QPP2.190228.021 and contains April security patch. The Beta 2 mostly contains thousands of bugfixes and some new features like Bubbles.

The Bubbles feature presents a new way to multitask and chat. Using Bubbles, users can chat through chat heads floating over other apps. So users can use other apps while chatting through various apps like Messages and Whatsapp. Google also refined Privacy and security of chat heads. We will update this post soon with more features of Beta 2.

Update on 13/3/2021 :

Android-q-logoFinally, the first Beta of Android Q comes out with many improvements in Privacy and app permissions to strengthen security. Google confirmed that all three generation Pixel devices will receive the Android Q update. Previously, we thought that original Pixel and Pixel XL may not receive the update, but Google said that they have included Pixel 1 series in the upgrade list because of popular demand. The Search giant is planning to drop six Betas prior to the final release. So we expect another Beta in the next month and another one with more refinements at the I/O 2019 in May.

Interested Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 series owners can go to the official Android Beta Program and sign up for Beta to receive the update over the air, in a few days. Otherwise, system images of the first Beta are available for developers and Android Enthusiasts to flash manually. We will reveal more details about the first Beta of Android Q in coming days.

Update on 22/1/2021 :

The folks at XDA developers caught an early build of Android Q and previewed what new features and improvements coming with the next iteration of Android. System-wide Dark theme is one of the most awaited features, coming with Android Q. The early build gives a glimpse at system-wide dark mode which is still under development. Modified app permissions which improves privacy of user and security of device is another feature of Android 10.

According to recent commits, Android Q is going to give carriers more control over their devices. The multi-sim devices running on Android Q won’t allow second-sim unless the their own sim in the first place. More details about Android Q will be revealed at Google I/O 2019 which is going to take place in May.

Update on 22/2/2021 :

According to XDA developers, the Search Giant might ditch the back button in Android Q with full Gesture navigation. In a very early build grabbed by the guys at XDA, the navigation bar contains only pill shaped home button without the Back button. It is very unlikely that we see the first developer preview of Android Q without the Back button. Previously, Google introduced the Gesture interface at I/O 2018. So Google may unveil the improved Gesture interface at I/O 2019 which is going to begin on May 7th.

Other features discovered in the new build includes refined transition animations. The animations of interface in Android Q seems very similar to iOS animations. As this is a very early build, many changes may take place in coming days.

Update on 6/3/2021 :


Before even the release of First Developer Preview of Android Q, Magisk developer, John wu has done the rooting of early leaked build. John wu has a history of rooting of new Android versions as soon as they landed, now he breaks his own record. As the version of Magisk manager did’nt change, the current canary build works even for Android Q early build.