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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to come with Intelligent Scan Feature

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to come with Intelligent Scan Feature

Samsung’s next flagship is set to announce on February 25th and now a new feature of the flagship has revealed. According to Android Police, Galaxy S9 probably feature intelligent scan, a combination of facial and iris scan. It seems that the intelligent scan works much better than both facial and iris scans and also unlocks the device quickly in low-light conditions.

The details about the new unlocking feature of Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices are found in the latest Settings app. The new scan option works by combining the limited information from both iris and face scanners to unlock in low-light as well as in bright-light conditions.

In some times, data from iris scanner is superior than face scan a nd vice versa. In Galaxy S8, we can unlock the device by using Iris scan, Face scan or fingerprint sensor, one at a time. In the upcoming flagship from Samsung, users can unlock very quickly through Intelligent scan, according to the source. 

Fingerprint sensor will also be present in Galaxy S9 and S9+, the recently leaked renders show it clearly. But reaching out for fingerprint sensor on the rear side is a bit harder, and there is chance that Camera lens might get scratched. So the new form of unlocking feature is very helpful to users, if Samsung really implemented it.

Less than a month, we will see the official details about Intelligent scan feature of Galaxy S9, during the announcement on February 25th.